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Dr Mark Lawrence

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

About Creative Orthodontics

As an orthodontist I truly enjoy what I do! There's nothing more rewarding for me than to work with such a unique group of patients, helping them improve their smiles and achieve wonderful orthodontic results.

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  • R.H.

    Campbell River, B.C.

    "I like Creative Orthodontics because all the people that work there are very kind. Dr.Lawrence is very funny and informative."

  • K.M.

    Campbell River, B.C.

    "The staff are very calm, helpful, and friendly. I got braces here five months ago, and I can already see an amazing difference!"

  • K. T.

    Campbell River, B.C.

    "It feels great to have my teeth fixed. Thanks. I had to wear elastics but it was worth it. Make sure to wear your elastics. Retainers aren't as bad as I thought they would've been(:It feels good to have fixed teethVery kind and generous professional workers. It's awesome to have my teeth fixed. Thanks again (: (: (: (: (: "

  • T.Mc.

    Campbell River, B.C.

    "The people here are so nice and friendly, and I'm so happy with how my teeth turned out"

  • K. C.

    Campbell River, B.C.

    "Amazing staff, I'm so very happy with my results so far!"

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Orthodontist Dr. Mark Lawrence is a certified specialist in orthodontics with offices in Campbell River, the Comox Valley and Port McNeill. At Creative Orthodontics we’ve been helping our patients on north central Vancouver Island find their smiles for over 20 years.

Our orthodontics team truly enjoys working with each of our patients to help bring happy, healthy smiles into the lives of those we treat. When you visit any of our three orthodontics offices we’re sure you’ll feel at home in our warm, inviting and comfortable office environment.

At Creative Orthodontics it is our goal to deliver orthodontics treatments that are effective, pain-free and always affordable. Orthodontist Dr. Lawrence and his team are committed to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

How important is a nice smile? A nice straight smile has more going for it than just cosmetic value. A recent study in the UK showed that 94% of people said that they are likely to notice a person's smile the first time they meet them and people with straight teeth are perceived as more successful and intelligent than people with crooked teeth. Not fair but at least now there is something you can do about it!

Please contact our practice and schedule your FIRST COMPLIMENTARY APPOINTMENT to find out how you and your smile can benefit from orthodontics. We look forward to working with you and your family in one of our three Vancouver Island locations: Campbell River, Courtenay/Comox, Port McNeill.

Together we can find your new smile!